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Sing Sweet Songs of Conviction

SSSoC borned from the meeting of 6 artists during an international award in NY.we decided to set up a travelling show in our towns in 6 different nations

goal: € 2300
days left

We are a group of artist from all different countries and we met at the end of 2010 during a group show and an art award in New York

During our time in NY, we got to know each other, and our work, and got to thinking that our work would show well together. Then during some brainstorm we decided to arrange a show that travels to all our home cities ..a show that would take all 6 of us artists to 6 different nations. 

The artists of the show are: Alessia Armeni, Helena Hamilton, Denise Hickey, Francesca Romana Pinzari, Pernette Scholte and Lisa Wade

That’s how Sing Sweet Songs of Conviction was born. We have been working hard these past 12 months finding locations and guest artists and guest curators for our exhibition. Over the span of a year, we are taking this show to the road to: Berlin, Rome, New York, Mexico City, London and Belfast, mixing it up in each city by inserting a guest artist and guest curator.

We really believe in our project, or better yet, we are really CONVINCED about our show and we are confident it will have strong impact in each city. 


A traveling show obviously is very expensive and we need to find money to pay the transport of the artworks, setting up the show and printing a small catalogue.

So we need your help

We would like to ask you to help us to pay for the first 2 legs of the show: Berlin and Rome.

With a donation of only 10 euros you could become our sponsor

And we will print your name on the catalogue that will be ready for September 2012 to coincide with the NY show

With a donation of 100 euros you will receive an original drawing of one of the artist and your name on the catalogue

With a donation of 500 euros you will receive 6 original drawings, one for each artist in the show.

We are sure you will be generous and we will be forever grateful



The Sing Sweet Songs of Conviction artists




  • 09/05/2012

    Samples of the drawings we will donate to our sponsors

    Here are some samples of Francesca Romana Pinzari drawings made with her own hair.

    donors that will offer us 100 euros or more can choose to recieve a drawing form 1 of the 6 artists

    please note that these are just samples
    as every drawing or collage will be a unique piece!



  • € 10 or more

    giving just 10 euros you can become our sponsor!!! We will print your name on the catalogue that will be printed for the NY opening that will be around September 2012


    10 Sponsors

  • € 100 or more

    You will have your name on the NY catalogne in set ember 2012 and moreove you will recede an original drawing from one of the 6 artists of your choice.


    8 Sponsors

  • € 500 or more

    You will have your name on the NY catalogue in september 2012 and you will receive an original drawing from all the 6 artists of the show. That is a real deal and a good occasion to start a great art collection!!!


    1 Sponsors


we are 6 artists from Australia, England, Netherland, Italy, Ireland, USA,  we choose our town of residence to arrange this travelling show.We are all full time artists with different styles and techniques but we have similar statements.It was easy to choose eachother and set up this show.


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