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Don't disappear! - Two stories of psychosomatic invisibility

Roberta disappears if no one pays attention to her. Massimo's anxious and disappears if someone does pay attention to him. A surreal commedy with a social side.

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'Don't Disappear!' is a surreal comedy set in a world in which we assume psychosomatic invisibility exists, that is where people with social difficulties, in some situation, literally disappear. So we follow the encounter between Roberta, a girl who disappear if nobody pays any attention to her, and Massimo, an anxious guy, who on the contrary disappears if somebody does pay attention to him.

The film tells the protagonists' childhood, their early adult experiences and their arduous love story (as they struggle to be visible at the same time); and along the story we give a kind of surreal excursus over some aspects of our contemporary western societies.

'Don't Disappear!' is an Italian movie, which will be shot in Italian, between Rome (the big city, whose anonimity plagues Roberta) and the province of Verona (the small town, where Massimo can't avoid others' attention). Still, we hope we're telling something universal (and subtitled!). And that you, people from everywhere, can help us telling this story.

In fact, a lot of professionals are involved in it: director and producer Pietro Reggiani's first feature, 'My brother's summer', gained Tribeca's and Montreal's Jury Special Mention in 2005; actress Anita Kravos is an Italian Academy Award nominee; actor Marcello Mazzarella played Proust in Raoul Ruiz's Time Regained; actress Valentina Carnelutti is a renowned comedian; dop Luca Coassin's 'Casanegra', a Moroccan film, earned him the Best Photography at Dubai IFF.

Not surprisingly, Italian industry didn't believe in this project, as surreal comedy is something really unusual in our country (we maybe prefer surreal reality...). We finally managed, though, to get some private investors onboard and all the people involved agreed to work by earning very little (or zero) and by sharing instead a quota of the movie. So with a cashflow of only $ 200,000 we would be able to start shooting - and we arrived at $ 170,000, and to fill the gap we are now crowdfunding in Italy (also a kind of novelty in our country...) and in the world. Well, let's hope well!

In fact, we have for you a lot of in a way unique perks, all related to psychosomatic invisibility and to the two basic feelings at the origin of its two opposite forms: the need of attention - and the fear of attention. Which is closer to you?(ps you can also offer a perk to a friend of yours: just email us at, specifying the perk you chose and the recipient of your gift - we'll email him or her a congratulations mail and we will provide him or her with the password needed for the streaming)(pps we plan to offer more perks in the nexts days, so keep an eye to our project page!)

Finally, you would be helping the first Italian film production with a Greening Director: we really hope to pave the way for an enviroment-conscious audiovisual production here!


Il sito del film: La pagina Facebook: Il regista: L'estate di mio fratello: Asino chi legge: La Adagio Film:


  • € 2 or more

    We'll thank you on your social networks (or, if you don't like too much attention, through a non public message) + streaming of the short film 'The book junkie'

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  • € 5 or more

    We'll send you a screen saver, 'It's time to talk about psychosomatic invisibility!' (if you don't like too much attention, having a very small font size)+ streaming of the feature 'My brother's summer'

    0 Sponsors

  • € 10 or more

    Our 'Psychosomatic supporter' pin + streaming of 'My brother's summer'

    3 Sponsors

  • € 15 or more

    A photo from the set, signed by the cast&crew, with you invisible in your chair + streaming of 'The book junkie' and 'My brother's summer'

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  • € 25 or more

    A t-shirt reading 'Please, look at me! [or, on the contrary, 'Don't look at me!] I suffer from psychosomatic invisibility' - the same, on boxers or panties + streaming of 'Don't Disappear!', once ready

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  • € 35 or more

    Be an extra in the film! (only meal included) + streaming of 'Don't Disappear!'

    2 Sponsors

  • € 50 or more

    In the film a famous actor or actress will play a 'special invisible participation', that is he/she will interpret a character, in that scene, invisible (we don't notice anything during the film, of course, but in the end titles we're told that in that empty sunbed there was the famous actor/actress, invisible): you'll receive the official poster of the film, signed by cast&crew, with you credited with the 'special invisible participation' + streaming of 'The book junkie' and Don't Disappear!'

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  • € 75 or more

    You'll receive a dvd of the film, signed by cast&crew, with you credited in the end titles with the 'special invisible participation' + streaming of 'The book junkie' and 'My brother's summer'

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  • € 100 or more

    You'll receive a dvd of the film, signed by cast&crew, with you credited with the 'special invisible participation' and, among the special content, a backstage of the scene in which you were invisible (your name will be heard!) + streaming of 'The book junkie' and 'My brother's summer'

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  • € 250 or more

    You'll appear in the end titles (either coming to Italy when we will shoot all the people financing our film coming to a theatre, as if they are going to see the film they coproduced - either with your image filmed on Skype!) + all the streamings

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  • € 500 or more

    All the above! - and, if you plan to spend more, please contact us, we'll arrange some agreement with you!

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