Eppela Student Genius

Curiosity, ideas, passion: university is the best place to cultivate innovation, nurture creativity and promote the future.

Eppela is seeking talent and projects to take centre stage on the student scene. To find them we need you.

Are you at university? Are you always at the centre of student initiatives? Do you have lots of friends? Do you have initiative and do you know how to create an active community around you?
Become an Eppela Student Genius!

We are looking for students from Italian universities who love using the Internet, are enthusiastic about crowdfunding, Eppela fans and actively involved in university life.

An Eppela Student Genius is the point of reference for Eppela projects and users in their university:

  • they help us understand better what interests their classmates and what initiatives (parties, contests, meetings) to organise to get them involved;
  • organises and takes part in Eppela events along with the team;
  • takes part in Eppela's development process, providing suggestions and feedback gathered from their community.
  • gets prizes for their work!

If you are interested get in touch with us straight away.

Email us at info@eppela.com with a short introduction: tell us about your university course and your personal interests.

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