Last update 13/01/2014
What's Eppela?
Eppela is a crowdfunding platform: a meeting point between those who have ideas to make and those who want to support the implementation of projects in all sectors. Scroll to top
What are the main features of Eppela?
A project aims at Eppela community establishing

- a goal (a minimum budget to collect within a fixed deadline to realize the project)

- a series of rewards to reward those who decide to make a bid.

Members of the Eppela community (supporters) evaluate the project and decide whether to support it with a sum of money (offer) at their choice.

At the deadline date the project expires. If it reaches its goal, the bids are actually withdrawn to the project owner and supporters will receive their rewards! Scroll to top
What is the goal?
It is the minimum threshold to reach to actually realize the most of a project. It is fixed befor the project's publication and can't be changed in progress. Scroll to top
What is the deadline?
It is the last expire date by which the project owner can achieve his goal. It is fixed before the project's publication and can't be changed in progress. It can be defined it in a time gap between 15 and 40 days.

A project expires when popping 00.00am on the deadline date (for example: if a project expires on March 22 we have time until 23.59 of March 21 to support it)

The target must be met or exceeded within the given deadline, otherwise the project fails and offers are credited back on the cards used by supporters. Scroll to top
What are the rewards?
They are the best way to entice supporters to support a project! The project creator must provide "graduated" amounts, corresponding to appropriate rewards.

Thanks, finished or limited beta products, tickets for shows and much more... they have to be related to the project, its implementation and its content.

The more they are original, funny, tangible and attractive, and the more they will motivate potential supporters!

Obviously, a supporter will receive their reward only if the project will reach the finish line and his offer will therefore be actually withdrawn to the project owner. Scroll to top
How to start using Eppela?
Project creator or supporter? Nevermind! You first have to sign up

The projects are visible to all, but registration is necessary both to support a project and to make a proposals.

You can register on the site, choose a nickname and a password for access, or associate use your Facebook profile to log-in. Then you can build your own page, by inserting a photo and brief info about you and your interests. It will show your activity on Eppela community, both as a supporter and as project owner. Scroll to top
Who can fund the project on Eppela?
Anyone who has an account on Eppela. To make an offer, you must have a credit or rechargeable Visa® or MasterCard® card to associate with your profile when you make the offer. Scroll to top
How can I make an offer and support a project?
An offer is a direct payment by credit card. The chosen amount gets "frozen" by MangoPay into a dedicated fund until the deadline of the project.

At the time of subscription, the card validation requires an extra charge of € 1, but it is credited back within 3 working days.

At the deadline of the project, in case of success of the project, the offers will be permanently transferred to the project owner.

In case of failure of the project, the offers will be credited back to the card within 3 working days without any additional costs. Scroll to top
Are there limits to the amounts offered?
Yes. The lowest possible bid is € 2, the maximum of 1.000 €. Amounts can be only made by entire amount of Euros. Scroll to top
Can I do more than offer?
Sure, but remember to consider and check the availability of credit on your credit or rechargeable card. Scroll to top
What happens at the end of the project?
If the goal is reached or exceeded, the amounts offered are actually withdrawn to the project owner within 30 days, along with the contact information of the supporter.

In the following days, the project owner will have to contact and reward his supporters, as well as update them on the progress of the project. Scroll to top
How can I be informed about the progress of the project?
Each donator receives an email from Eppela the end of the project informing of the final outcome.
The project creator can also post updates during construction, which document the progress of the project. These are notified via e-mail to supporters and anyone who requests with the specific button. Scroll to top
Who can know the amount of offers?
The total bid is accumulated under the eyes of all. The supporter is inserted with its nickname in the list supporters of the project, but the amount of each tender is not visible.

Only if the project is successful, at maturity, the project creator will get a list of the names of his supporters, including the amounts of the rewards choices and contact information Scroll to top
May you consider an offer made as an investment?
No, the offer is a form of support for which you receive a reward. In no way an offer made on Eppela, even considerable, entitles forms of intellectual property or financial participation in any profit derived from the designer a further development of his idea into a business. Scroll to top
How can I get assured about the credibility and good faith of a project owner?
Eppela is based on a strong principle of social credibility. Each project creator is requested to introduce themselves, to put his face in the video that accompanies the project, to provide links that will postpone its activity. Friends, colleagues and acquaintances, which will be its first supporters, are another important part of its credibility.

You can communicate with each project creator via email and through the comments, questions and to offer him more details. Subsequent updates to the publication of the draft and the comments of other users are used to build the image of a good designer at the community eppela. Who would have a problem with a designer can report it via the contact form Scroll to top
Who can propose a project on Eppela?
All people who are at least aged 18, legal people and entities (both public and private), associations and foundations.

To be able to raise funds on Eppela you must have a bank account and provide the data necessary for billing purposes. Scroll to top
What benefits can I get in addition to funding?
Eppela is not just a fundraising platform , but also gives you the opportunity to TEST your project for free, to show it to the real world and expand your network of contacts with the support of a community, that is deeply interested in creativity. In addition, a project launched by a crowdfunding campaign has already built good premises to continue to be talked about! Scroll to top
Is there a selection of received projects ?
Eppela team maintains the right to evaluate the proposals received and select, based on the credibility, feasibility, compatibility with the system as well as costs of opportunity.

We strive to give a reasoned response to all project proposals we receive, consistent with the times of the team's work. Scroll to top
What is the time of approval and publication of a project?
It depends on how it is structured the initial proposal and the planning of projects in the publication that is managed by the Team, which will be agreed with the time of publication. The ideal is to move with a moderate advance, so you can set up and schedule a good self-promotion of their project through all channels at their disposal. Scroll to top
How do I build the presentation of my project?
Once you have received the go ahead from the team Eppela to your proposed project from your personal area you can access your project page and begin to ask you a more definite shape. To do this you will need these items:

- A pic of the project, which must be a JPEG sizes of 736x465 pixels of your choice;
- A text description that tells the project. If you want to be listened to and appreciated by as many people as possible, spread it in both English and Italian. Do not forget the related links!
- A video (using Youtube or Vimeo) that tells your project, lasting more than 3 minutes (again, you'll want to assess the implementation of an English version, at least oo dub / subtitling);
- The goal you want to achieve by the end of your project;
- The rewards offered in exchange: a clear description that does not allow misunderstandings.
- A gallery of images relating to the project: to show rewards or any other useful image to illustrate the contents of the project.
- A profile of your presentation with pictures and any links to your website or blog, in addition to those related to your business and your field of action.

It is important that these items help us (and your public) to understand your competence in the field or industry in which you propose your project. Scroll to top
How to establish a fair amount for the finish line?
To fine tune your goal is good to calculate both the minimum amount that you need to accomplish your project and what you need to cover the cost of the rewards to your supporters. Do not forget any delivery charges, in addition to transaction costs and management fees of 5% retained by eppela (in this regard, see the section dedicated to the Terms of Use and billing costs) Scroll to top
How can I encourage the widing of my project?
A careful strategy of communication and self-promotion is critical to the success of your project, and must be planned well in advance of its publication! Here are some tips:

- Put in motion all your knowledge, direct and indirect, in the sector of your project from the early days;
- Try to write and distribute synthetic and effective press releases, spreading them properly at local, national and commercial press;
- Find contexts in which to propose potentially interested in the vision of your project;
- Use the social network in an intelligent and non-invasive WAY, spreading the links to your project page;
- Do not be discouraged, do not lose patience, think about what you have not thought of yet!
- Thank your supporters and ask them to give you a hand in the dissemination of the project: only in this way will have their own rewards! Scroll to top
What can I do to my project, once published?
You can integrate the information from your personal profile and add details, developments, images and communications to your supporters and for the whole community eppela using the updates (see FAQ below).

In any case, any changes that you make in any case necessary must be discussed with the team Eppela. Scroll to top
What are the project updates?
Accessing on their reserved area, every project creator can add subsequent updates to a project already published. Photos, video with lyrics in the comments ... all that can serve to illustrate some aspects of the project in progress, even to answer questions from potential supporters and share via Facebook and Twitter.

Each new update is notified to the supporters of the project and may be published even after its expiry in case of success. Scroll to top
Can I change the expiry or running the goal of my project?
No, you can not make these changes after publication. Are central to the mechanism proposed by eppela and crowdfunding in general.

In rare circumstances, the deadline may change for technical reasons, or otherwise in absolutely exceptional cases. Scroll to top
What happens if my project reaches the finish line before expiring?
Great! It means that the project and word of mouth between you and your supporters have worked well: take the chance to celebrate and continue to collect donations until maturity. It's time to get over it, until you have time to collect! Scroll to top
Is there a maximum amount that a project can achieve?
No, not there. A project can grow without limit until it expires. Scroll to top
How do I know that no one will steal my idea? How to protect myself?
Eppela helps the ideas that are already in the design stage or pre-construction, or are even already made and maybe they need a budget for their communication and promotion. Ideas already in the race, it would be difficult to replicate and pass in a short time. If appropriate, you can still avail yourself of the tools that the law of your state offers to protect original ideas.

Crowdfunding is a method of promoting and supporting participatory and social vocation for creative projects. This means that ideas are shared and retold and sometimes even improved in contact with the doubts or suggestions from the community. If this does not convince you, Eppela probably is not the tool you're looking for. Scroll to top
What kind of support Eppela provides for promotion of published projects?
Eppela is a platform that proposes a funding mechanism from the "bottom". Projects are visible on the platform from their actual activation and can be supported using the instruments provided, until they expire.

The promotion of a project is the primary task of the project creator, who is obliged to promote it in any way through the use of all channels at their disposal: he is master of his own project, and knows his own sector, targets, contexts and the audience.

The distribution of contents related to projects running from the team Eppela through its official and unofficial channels may vary based on timeliness, progress of the project, originality, need for rotation in total discretion of the team.

Eppela can not guarantee any results connected to its promotion of individual projects, but will carefully consider every possible synergy and collaboration. Scroll to top