Jump on Opportunities

How it works

Eppela is a reward based crowdfunding platform which allows you to create a project, share it with your network and obtain funding for its implementation.


The target

Whether you are an artist, a writer, a filmmaker, a geek, a designer, Eppela is the right place where you can make your project/idea jump, where you can create your new business and / or your successful startup.

Crowdfunding Italia

Why to choose Eppela

To promote the challenge of ​​"being funded by the crowd," you have to believe in the co-creation idea of a project, supporting your creativity or the one of other creatives.

Crowdfunding progetti

Eppela team will help you in defining the rewards to give to your supporters and,if you have proven you can do it, will support your promotion activities throughits network of specialists (journalists, advertisers, online and offiline media, blogs) until your budget is reached.

Achieving the goal

If the goal is reached or exceeded, the amounts offered are debited to the supporters and are credited to the project creator. At that point he will start give supporters the rewards he promised.

If budget idsuccessful Eppela withholds a 5% of commissiont to the collected amount. Otherwise, It budget is not reached, there will be no fee charged to the Eppela project creator and no debits to supporters.

Eppela in 6 steps
Subscribe to Eppela and
define your idea
in every detail.
Establish a defined budget
and a precise
time limit.
Choose rewards
(emotional or actual)
to be paid.
Create the project: title,
image, description, video
and autobiographical narrative.
Promote your project
involving your
network and beyond.
After reaching the budget, thank your
supporters and
celebrate with them.